How To Earn $200K GCI Within 8 Months or Less Using Precision Prospecting and DNF's

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Akash Mehta - $200K GCI in less than 8 months

Over 1700+ leads generated for my team and 27 transactions closed in less than 8 months strictly from online leads.

Akash's Story

Before: No systems or procedures in place, cold calling leads with no intent and business relied 80% on sphere while I was investing in internet leads and systems with a very low Return Of Investment (ROI).

After: Generated 575+ new leads personally, over 1200+ for my team and closed 27 transactions strictly from online leads within 8 months.

With a deep-rooted understanding of the key elements that drive successful businesses, including systems, marketing, sales, and the power of the internet, I learned firsthand the importance of having an exit strategy to safeguard my time. Initially caught in a whirlwind of wasted money on internet leads and costly CRM platforms, my journey transformed as I focused on refining my systems, streamlining follow-ups, and scaling my team, leading to soaring profits, consistent ROI, and the ultimate reclamation of my time.

Market: Edmonton, Alberta

Result: $200K GCI in less than 8 months

Agent: Akash Mehta

Shaneil Kumar - 8 deals closed in less than 90 days

$70,000 in GCI earned in less than 90 days strictly from online leads, along with hundreds of leads within his CRM.

Shaneil's Story

Before: 0 experience in real estate sales, working at a 9-5 corporate job and feeling underpaid for his skill-sets at his job.

After: 8 transactions closed and earned $70,000 in GCI in less than 3 months, surpassing his yearly salary at his corporate position.

Shaneil entered the real estate industry after gaining experience in the residential sector while working at a bank. After transitioning from a traditional 9-5 job to real estate, Shaneil embraced our meticulously designed systems, resulting in remarkable success. While other real estate agents faced challenges amid rising interest rates, Shaneil's business thrived, riding the momentum and continuing to grow.

Market: Edmonton, Alberta

Result: 8 buyers and sellers helped within 90 days

Agent: Shaneil Kumar

Tyler Lees - 3 closed & 2 pending deals in less than 75 days as a brand new agent

$20,000 GCI closed with the potential for another $18,000 all in 75 days as a brand new real estate agent utilizing Precision Prospecting and DNF's

Tyler's Story

Before: Previous experience working at an insurance company and restaurant industry - minimal sales experience.

After: 3 closed transactions and 2 pending deals in less than 75 days as a brand new real estate agent

Tyler Lees was still working at his other job while he was transitioning into his real estate career. Within 3 weeks of being licensed and implementing our systems, he was writing offers. In less than 75 days into the industry, Tyler has closed 3 deals and has gone pending on 2 others solely from our systems and online leads.

Market: Edmonton, Alberta

Result: 3 closed and 2

pending transactions in less than 75 days

Agent: Tyler Lees

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